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Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4125 Cover (PDF File - Size 623KB)

WRIR 02-4125 Ground-Water Quality and Effects of Poultry Confined Animal Feeding Operations on Shallow Ground Water, Upper Shoal Creek Basin, Southwest Missouri, 2000 (PDF File - Size 968KB)

Table of Contents (PDF File - Size 90.0KB)

Tables (PDF File - Size 7.83MB)

Prepared by: Douglas N. Mugel, USGS, in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Quality, Water Pollution Control Program, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII.

For more information, contact:

Douglas N. Mugel, Hydrologist
U.S. Geological Survey
Missouri Water Science Center
1400 Independence Road, MS-100
Rolla, MO 64050
Telephone: (573) 308-3667
Fax (573) 308-3645

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