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Domestic Well Advisory

On October 29, 2004, The Wellhead Protection Program of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, issued a revised Missouri well drilling advisory for the parts of the New Haven area. The revised advisory was issued in response to recent data that indicates the magnitude of the PCE contamination is larger than was originally estimated in the original 2002 advisory. The USEPA, USGS and MDNR’s Superfund Section are continuing to assess the vertical and lateral extent of the chlorinated hydrocarbon plume and will assist Wellhead in determining acceptable well construction standards for the areas of impact.

The revised advisory covers that same geographic area as the original advisory, but includes more stringent drilling requirements depending upon the exact location within the advisory area. The text of the revised well advisory and a link to the original advisory are provided below.

During 2001 and 2002, PCE was detected in several domestic wells downgradient (south) of Operable Unit OU2 (this area is now designated as operable unit OU6). Based on hydrogeologic and water-quality information collected by various agencies, two plumes of tetrachloroethene (PCE) contaminated ground-water have been identified in the New Haven Area-- a "north plume" and a "south plume". The detection of PCE in several domestic wells in the "south" plume is what resulted in the drilling advisory. Here is a generalized map of the contaminated areas.

Plumes of PCE contaminated ground-water near New Haven Missouri

North PCE Plume:

The north plume is within the city limits and has resulted in the closing of two public-supply wells. This plume extends to at least 400 to 500 feet in the bedrock and is moving northeast toward the Missouri River. The source of this plume is unknown at this time, but further investigation of this plume and its' source(s) is continuing in 2003 as part of the Remedial Investigation of Operable Unit OU4.

South PCE Plume:

The south PCE plume extends south from Operable Unit OU2. Based on limited information, this plume appears to be moving south within the shallow (less than about 200 feet deep) bedrock. The plume appears to be west of Highway C and extend at least as far south south as Wildcat Creek. The western and south extents, and actual depth of the plume have not yet been defined.

Advisory Area:

North plume Sec 36, Town 45, Range 3W

SOUTH plume Sec 2, N Sec 11, SW Sec 1 and NW Sec 12, Town 44, Range 3W

The following is the revised advisory from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Wellhead Protection Program
Advisory #1 (REVISED) October 29, 2004:
Site Name: New Haven (Franklin County) also known as the Riverfront Superfund Site.
Contaminants of concern: Tetrachloroethene (PCE) and its degradation products; Trichloroethene (TCE) and its degradation products. PCE and TCE are dissolved in groundwater and in some areas exist as free-product. New data shows that contamination is more severe than the previous advisory indicated.
Location: PCE and TCE contamination is present within the following areas, although the exact boundaries currently are not well-defined: Sec 36, Township 45, Range 3W; Sec 2, N ½ Sec 11, SW ¼ Sec 1 and NW ¼ Sec 12, Township 44, Range 3W.
Construction requirements: It is highly recommended that well installation contractors consult the division (573-368-2100) for construction specifications before considering drilling any type of well (domestic, multi-family, heat pump, etc.) in the advisory area. The division continues to collect information about the location and concentration of contaminants as site investigations continue. New information indicates that the problem is worse than previously understood; in fact, pools of contamination (free product) have been identified in the subsurface. In some areas, especially areas with pooled contamination, the division may advise that wells not be constructed in order to prevent the spread of contamination into deeper zones of the aquifer.
Caveat: Any well, including new wells constructed pursuant to this advisory, may be ordered to be plugged by the division (573-368-2100)if the well causes or permits a hazardous or potentially hazardous condition to exist, which could cause deterioration of groundwater quality, per Section 256.637.4, RSMo. In addition, a release of a hazardous substance caused by the drilling of a well may make the contractor and/or well owner liable under the federal Superfund Law (CERCLA).
Contact: Bob Archer at 573-368-2165; Candice McGhee; MDNR Superfund, 573-751-1738

Click here for the complete text of the revised and orginal well advisories.

The Wellhead protection section can be contacted at 573-368-2100

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